Earlier this week another GBS Zero left the factory that we had just put through the IVA test, it is now waiting for the registration documents to come through before Zero owner Aidan Kinnell can enjoy it on the road. Aidan can’t wait to take it out for a spin and once he has done several 100 miles hopes to join us on some of the GBS track days in his Zero.
Also this morning Nick Hammond from Swindon had his GBS Zero delivered to the factory that is going to be prepared for its IVA test which is in the next couple of weeks. We offer a full IVA service for all cars not only the GBS Zero. The GBS workshop team perform a pre-IVA inspection, complete any required work/alterations, transportation to the IVA test centre in Nottingham as well as all the paperwork that is required before/after the test. We also offer geometry set ups, finishing builds, engine tuning, engine modifications, experienced auto electrician, track day preparation and much more. We also offer a full collection and delivery service in the UK with our enclosed trailer. For further details or to book your car in with us please get in touch.

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Aidan Kinnell's GBS Zero being collected from the GBS Factory. Nick Hammonds GBS Zero that we are preparing for the IVA Test. Come & join us for a GBS track day at Blyton Park on Sunday 21st September.



August 19, 2014

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