Last Sunday ( 22nd march) we had a car park full of GBS Zero’s at the GBS Factory as we arranged the first  Run Out of 2015 in the GBS Zero’s, this was the second  time we have done a run out and again it was a great success with 14 Stunning GBS Zero’s taking over the roads.

We all met at the GBS Factory first for tea & biscuits at 10am before departing at around 11am with Laurence (Who works in the GBS Workshop) leading the way in his GBS Zero with Will (who works in the Kit Spares department). Laurence has recently been busy modifying his GBS Zero in the evening s after work, he now has a painted bonnet and scuttle, removed the windscreen to fit a GRP fly screen and now has the new ATR Throttle Bodies fitted. Sunday was his first trip out in with the modifications and it all ran smoothly, and is now back in his garage for further modifications.

Myself, Ben & Laurence went out in the Zero’s one night last week to plan the best roads for the route as we wanted the route to be fun, safe and most of all enjoyable for everyone. (I had to see where the best spots were for the photos)

We had Laurence & Will leading the way then Richard & Kati were at the back keeping the group together, followed by Keith & Jane in the GBS Van. Myself and John took several short cuts of the route, to get ready to get the photos of the Zero’s in action. We decided to have the GBS Van on standby should anyone need any assistance during the run, but it all ran smoothly and was not needed.

The route that we planned was different to last time and covered around 100 miles of some great roads going  through Newark then headed out towards Sleaford into Bourne through some great country roads where we then all stopped at The Five Bells  in Edenham which was about half way through the route for a quick break and drinks. Then it was back on the road for the final miles going through more great country roads into Corby Glen, Buckminster then onto Melton Mowbray  then making our way back to the Plough Inn at Cropwell Butler where we were met by more family members and friends and a roast dinner was ready to be served to everyone.

The weather was perfect, we could not have asked for a nicer day, the sun was out and the sky was blue. It was great to see so many Zero’s out on the road together, they all looked stunning and certainly attracted a lot attention throughout the day, all the Zero’s performed well and everyone enjoyed the day. We would like to thank everyone that joined us, and we hope you enjoyed it and we are talking of arranging another GBS Zero Run Out for later in the year, so once we have a confirmed date we will let you know, and we hope you will join us again!

These are just a few of the photographs from the day, we took over 500 photos during the run and will be sharing more with you all later this week on our GBS Face book page & GBS Twitter Page. Also on the Run Out we had Mark from  Cameragrip  join us taking some video footage of the Zero’s in action, we look forward to seeing the footage that he got of all the Zero’s together and sharing it with you. If you haven’t seen it all ready this was the last video that they did with us. We have been talking with Mark about doing another GBS Zero video soon, so we might be asking you if you would like to get involved with your GBS Zero…

If you would like to come and visit the GBS Factory and have a test drive with one of the GBS team in the GBS Zero demonstrators, then please get in touch or call us today 01623 860990.

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All the GBS Zero's meet at the GBS Factory.Jim Martin and his wife in their GBS Zero. David Slaney and son Thomas in their GBS Zero. Andrew Osbourne in his GBS Zero Richard & Kati in the GBS Zero Mazda demonstrator. Laurence & Will in Laurence's GBS Zero who led the run out. Richard Lincoln and his wife in their GBS Zero. Roy Parker and Oliver in Roy's GBS Zero. John Hartley and his wife also asked to join the GBS Zero Run Out in their Westfield. Keith Kelly in his GBS Zero. Ian Kirkup in his GBS Zero. Jon Hodgkinson and John Slaney in Jon's GBS Zero. Chris Sargent and his father in their GBS Zero. Harris and his friend in Harris's GBS Zero.Bill Ree's and son Alex in their GBS Zero.Just one of my favourite photos from the run out, more photos coming soon......

March 24, 2015

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