We would like to invite you all to join us at Blyton Park on Sunday 21st September for a  GBS Track Day. We are all looking forward to it and will be there with the GBS Zero’s, your all welcome to come and join us in your GBS Zero’s and sports car or come and spectate and enjoy a possible passenger ride in a GBS Zero with one of the GBS team. The GBS team will be available on the day to offer advice on how to get the best performance from your car whilst out on the track as well as offering technical support. For more details about the track day and to book your place please visit it is great to see a few customers have already booked on to join us.

Its been a busy week for Richard and James as they have both been away most of the week on a training course with Edgecam.  We are very pleased to now be in partnership with  Edgecam who are supporting us with cam software, they are the market leading CAM software solution for NC Part programming. Our machine shop has been very busy producing new and existing components and this training will know help us to develop our skills even further.

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Come and join us at Blyton Park Sunday 21st September The GBS Machine Shop training with Edgecam. Come and enjoy a passenger ride with the GBS team in a GBS Zero. GBS team training with Edgecam

August 14, 2014

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