A few weeks ago we had several students from The Phonenix Academy Trust at Grantham visit the GBS Factory to see what we do. The students aged 16 enjoyed a full tour around the factory and were able to see what we do and how the GBS Zero is produced from start to finish. They we also able to speak with the GBS team and ask any questions that they had about engineering and the industry.

Following their visit we received a nice email from Phonenix Academy Trust teacher Mr James Pointing who arranged and came with the students when they visited….

 ‘A big thank you to GBS for taking time out of their very busy schedule to spend time giving a fully guided factory tour. Pupils were made to feel very welcome as they were introduced to all aspects of the car manufacturing business. The pupils gained an insight in to past, present and even future projects, looking at not only the development in cars but also the development in machines. The pupils had a varying degree of mechanical knowledge, however the tour was pitched at a level where all pupils could understand, and the more mechanically minded had their knowledge challenged and advanced, ensuring all pupils remained engaged and interested. The pupils really enjoyed their visit to GBS and both staff and pupils were made to feel very welcome by all employees throughout our visit. A great factory tour.’ James Pointing (Teacher)

Also 16 years old Rhys who was one of the students from the visit emailed us as well following his visit to the GBS Factory…
I have been interested in cars and mechanics for a few years now, so when the teacher told me I was going to look around the GBS factory, I was very excited. I was very impressive to see how the mechanics at GBS are able to turn raw materials into fully functional sports cars. I particularly liked watching the workers operate the CNC machines, it was amazing to see how a block of metal goes in and a car part comes out. After going on the GBS tour, I am 100% certain I want to work in mechanics. Thank you for showing us around. Rhys (Student, 16 years old)

We welcome any enquiry you may have about the kit build and as a company we are willing to help and assist you through your build as the next generation of car builders are the future to the British motor industry. If you are interested we offer a factory tours to Schools which allows pupils to see the full production process. If you would like more details on this opportunity please get in touch.

If you would like more details on the GBS Zero or to arrange a test drive and Factory visit please contact us. 

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 View the GBS Zero Options here…. Whether you have the desire to build your own sports car or buy a factory built car he will see more options & specifications.

Students from Phonenix Academy Trust visit the GBS Factory and enjoy a tour. Students from Phonenix Academy Trust visit the GBS Factory and enjoy a tour. Students from Phonenix Academy Trust visit the GBS Factory and enjoy a tour.

April 28, 2016

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