Last Friday afternoon a GBS customer came to collect his factory built GBS Zero GT. Donalds GBS Zero was built to his specification and was fitted with a Ford Duretec Engine producing around 190bhp, Type 9 Gearbox, the new ATR Throttle Bodies, ATR Shock Absorbers, Smiths Gauges, Momo Steering Wheel, painted pearl white with black stripes and carbon sport front wings, Rear Diffuser.

Keith, Richard and Ben have all driven the new car and were very impressed with how it performs and handles. Bernd our German GBS Dealer was also here at the GBS Factory when the customer came to collect his Zero, and allowed Bernd and son Daniel to go up the road for a spin in his new GBS Zero, Bernd was impressed with how smooth the drive was.

The customer did many miles that evening to get used to the car and then joined us on the GBS Zero Run Out last Sunday and really enjoyed driving his GBS Zero along with all the other Zero owners, it was a great day enjoyed by all. We will be doing more next year! You can now see more photographs from the day on our GBS Face Book page.
Last weekend Andrew Llewyn came to the GBS Factory to collect his GBS Mazda Kit, it also looks to be another busy weekend at the GBS Factory with more Zero Kit collections and test drives booked in the Zero demonstratrators.

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If you would like more details on the GBS Zero or to arrange a test drive please contact us.

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fitted with a Ford Duretec engine producing around 190bhp, type 9 gearbox, the new ATR throttle bodies. Bernd & Daniel going for a spin in Donalds new GBS Zero GT. The new GBS Zero GT. The new Factory Built GBS Zero GT. The Factory Built GBS Zero GT.Last weekend Andrew Llewylln came to the GBS Factory to collect his GBS Mazda Kit.

October 10, 2014

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