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If you can’t find your answer below then one our team of experts are always at hand to help and happy to assist with any advice you may be need with your GBS Zero. For further details please contact us.

How many options are there for buying the Zero?

The Zero is available as a kit or fully built ready to drive. The kits can be tailored to the individual builder’s needs as we realise that every kit builder is different. We always recomend that a visit to the GBS Factory to see and discuss all of the options that are available to you in mnore detail.

How do I order and what is the delivery time?

You can order your kit by phone, email or visit our showroom. We recommend that you come to the GBS factory in person, as we like to give you a more personal service and make sure your kit is the right one for you. We also attend many shows throughout the year where you can also place your order with us. At present there is a 6 – 8 week wait for kits, please check this when ordering.

Can you deliver the kit or is it collection only?

Delivery or collection of your kit depends on the type of kit you have ordered. You will be advised on this when you place the order with us.
We do recommend that you come to the factory and collect your kit, as one of our technical team will help you load your kit and talk you through all the parts and answer any questions you may have. It will also be an excellent opportunity for you to come and look around our workshop and showroom to get more ideas and inspiration for your build. (always good to bring a camera and take lots of photos, so you don’t forget what you see) If you prefer, we can deliver your kit to you for more details and prices please contact us.

I live outside the UK, can I still purchase a Zero?

Yes, please visit our dealer page where you will be able to contact your local dealer directly to place your order. Or contact us and we will be able to put you in touch with them, if there is no dealer in your country you can buy directly from us.The Zero kit range is available in both right and left hand drive. The Zero kit has already been sold into France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Siberia, South Africa, Australia, America and Southern Ireland. Contact us for more details.

How long does it take to collect my kit from the Great British Sports Cars factory?

It should take around an hour to load your kit and for us to talk you through it. You will of course be invited to stay for a coffee and enjoy a tour of our factory and workshop and if you have not already have a test drive in the Zero with one of the GBS team.

Are Zeros expensive to insure?

No, you will be pleasantly pleased to know that they are remarkably cheap to insure considering their spec and performance. There are many specialist kit car insurance companies who offer a good price for insurance. (Price depends on status and history of driver).  We recommend Adrian Flux for more details please visit www.adrianflux.co.uk/D1333 or call 0800 089 0045 please quote our Dealer ref D1333.

What is the best type of vehicle to use when I come and collect my kit?

A long wheel base transit type van would be ideal but please do not hesitate to check with us for exact dimensions and advice. We also recomend that you bring some sheeting/bubble wrap and tie down straps to use to secure your new car on its trip home as some of the body work panels are fragile.

Is there a GBS Owners Club?

Yes we have a GBS Owners Club forum where you can meet other GBS owners, share experiences and most of all share your passion for cars with other like minded people as well as ask and answer any questions that you may have. To view the GBS owners Club and to become a member please visit www.gbsownersclub.co.uk

Can I book a test drive, and visit the GBS Showroom?

Yes, test rides are available at GBS. You can arrange a test ride in one of our GBS Zero demonstrator and also look around our showroom at the different kit options and specs. We are open Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm and Saturdays 10am -2.30pm (please check our events page as some Saturdays we are closed due to shows, track days etc) To arrange this please call or email us or if your passing just call in, you are always welcome.

Can my car be registered with a current number plate?

Yes, you can register your kit car with a current number plate if it is made from all new components ie. A full kit.

What is the process of getting my Zero on the road?

All Zero’s in the UK have to go through what is called the IVA test, this is a one off test that is performed by VOSA which have test stations located across the UK. This ensures that the car is built to a safe standard complying to the regualtions of VOSA. The test is very much like a MOT test but with a few extra items such as speedo calibration, lighting position and noise etc. Once you have your IVA pass certificate it is just a case of completing the relevent paperwork and then go to your local DVLA office to get your first registration.
The Zero has been designed around this test making it easy and straight forward to comply, the GBS factory has a wealth of knowledge on this should you need further advice.

Are there different engine options available?

Yes, there are many different engine options available. We currently have specific engine mounts and exhaust systems on the shelf  for the following Zetec, Zetec SE, Duretec, Pinto, Ford Twin cam, CVH, XFlow, Vauxhall Redtop, Mazda, Honda S2000, Volkswagen / Audi.
In addition to these we have done many other types of engines as special instillation’s such as V6, Turbos, Motorcycle engine, Rotary engine. We are always keen to discuss your ideas and how they can be fitted into the Zero.

Where can I get my kit car serviced?

Your kit car can be serviced at the Great British Sports Cars factory or any other respectable garage. However we find that most customers often decide to do this themselves as they have the knowledge and experience having built the car, we carry stock of all service items.

Can I use my Zero on the track for a track day?

Yes we highly recomend this as it enables you to explore the capabilities of the Zero in a safe and controlled enviroment. There is a Zero race kit option that is ideal as a track day car but any of the kit options are more than suitable for the track. Alot of customers enjoy their Zero on both the road and track. You won’t be disappointed with the Zero’s performance on the track. The GBS team attend many track days throughout the year all over the country in which you are welcome to join us. Please see our events page for more details.

Do you have an Instruction manual?

There are a range of pdf downloads avaialble to help guide you through the build along with a cd of images. These pdf downloads can be found at www.kitspares.co.uk where you will have to log in. If at any time you become stuck on your build then you can always give us a call and talk to our technical team who will advise you best they can and we can send you specific photographs to help explain. Or anytime your welcome to come to the GBS factory and talk to the technical team in the workshop and take your own photographs of the cars that we have in the workshop.
(Please note the GBS workshop team only accept technical calls after 3pm)

Can GBS IVA my car, or finish my build off?

Yes, GBS offer a full IVA service for all cars not only the GBS Zero. The GBS workshop team perform a pre-IVA inspection, complete any required work/alterations, transportation to the IVA test centre in Nottingham as well as all the paperwork that is required before/after the test. We can then do all the paperwork that is required to get your car registered and on the road.
If you require your build to be finished off this is something that we can do, please contact us and we will be able to advise on the price.
We also offer geometry set ups, engine tuning, track day preperations and much more to book your car in and for more detials please contact us.

Do you attend any Car Shows?

Yes, we always try and attend all the Kit Car Shows throughout the year and many other events. To see which shows and events we are attending this year please visit our events page.

Where can I buy spare parts for my kit car?

All of our kit car parts can be bought from our Kit Spares online shop. Kit Spares stock the full range of parts for the GBS Zero and a comprehensive range of parts and spares for many other kit car makes including the past Robin Hood models. If you can’t find what you are after on there please give us a call or come and visit the Kit Spares shop and showroom. Kit Spares also attend many shows where we have a large selection of our parts avaialble to buy.

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday 9am- 5.30pm
Saturday 10am – 2.30pm
Sunday – Closed

See our event page as some weekends we are closed due to shows, track days etc
Later hours can be arranged by special appointment.

Special requirements?

Should you have any mobility issues, then we can work with you to produce a modified Zero to hopefully meet your needs and enable to enjoy and get the most from your car.

Are there any specialist tools required?

No, you should be able to build the Zero with a good general tool kit consisting of a range of spanners, sockets, drill etc there is no welding  or cutting required.

Can I join you on Track Days?

Yes, anyone and any car is welcome to join us on any of our track days, even if your not driving your still welcome to come along and be a passenger in the Zero with one of the GBS team. Please visit our events page to see when our next track day is.