We love to hear from you all and hear that you are enjoying your Zero builds and enjoying them on the road. GBS Zero owners Father and Son Ian and Stuart Harrison had one of the very first GBS Zero GT’s and have been featured on our blog several times as they compete and have won numerous Autosolo events in their Zero which we often share with you all on here. Ian has wrote a few words about his experince building

My Son said to me in 2010, “ Dad do you fancy building a kit car?”. This is something I had wanted to do for years so, after not a lot of thought, I agreed it would be a good project to do. We started looking around for a suitable car to build and it was at the June 2010 Kit Car Show in Newark that we came across GBS and the Zero.  Our first contact with them was a hit from the start. Keith Bird introduced himself as one of the directors and could not have been more helpful or friendly. Something we didn’t quite get from the other makes we looked at. Our brief was we needed a car that we could use for both Sprints and Autosolo’s. As our intention was to use the car for both motorsport and leisure. But it had to be a car that both I and my son could fit in. My size 14 feet and large frame had always ruled out most kit cars. But Keith got me to try their standard car out and to my surprise it was almost a fit. Keith told us they were just developing a GT version, which was going to have a wider chassis and more room, but it wouldn’t be ready until December that year. I mentioned that I was taller in the body than Stuart and was concerned the roll bar, by the time I had a helmet on would not clear my head. Also, I needed more room in the foot well. Keith said he would have a think about it with the other guys at GBS and see what they could come up with. True to his word he called us a couple of weeks later to say “we can drop the floor plan 30mm and can split the side panel on the gearbox side so that part of it can be installed on the gearbox side of the chassis.” This would give me the room I needed, so we booked in a visit to go see the new GT body at the factory. We went up early December and was given a really warm welcome, shown round the factory, introduced to all the guys and had a nice cup of tea whilst we worked out what we required. As the MSA rules stipulate cars in Autosolo have to be driven to the event, we needed to be able to put the full weather gear on, but we wanted good handling, so Keith and Richard Hall came up with the suggestion of having the full race chassis, but instead of a full cage just have the roll hoop.  We agreed to this as it allowed us to still do Sprints and Autosolo and to be able to have a roof for the rainy days.

Following a few more cups of tea, we placed our order. On the 4th Feb 2011, we went up to pick up the car. The build started almost as soon as we got home. At various stages we kept popping back to the Factory to take pictures of how they did bits of the Factory built cars and to get ideas for making our build as good as how GBS did their build. Each time we visited the guys made us really welcome and let us have free roam to take pictures. During our build they could not have been more helpful and as a result when we took the car to have them put it through the IVA for us, at the beginning of November, we were surprised to find how much they appreciated the job we had done on the car. So much so they got it put in the April 2012 edition of Kit Car. We have had the car in yearly use for competitions since it went on the road and have had many successes with it, winning numerous Autosolo events outright and taking class wins on Sprints. The handling of the car is very good and we regularly beat Westfield’s and Caterham’s, which is testimony to the cars ability and handling.

This year we wanted to challenge more for top places on Sprints so we decided to get GBS to upgrade the engine for us. We had been running with just the standard 2.0l Zetec with AT Throttle Bodies, which gave us 163bhp, but after a head, cam and injector upgrade, we now have 206bhp. We needed to get the work done before our first Sprint of the season and GBS were more than happy to give us a quick turn around on the upgrade.  Thanks to them we had the car back in time for its first event and a motor which now had power and torque to give us the chance of getting into the top 10 of a Sprint. On Stuarts first event this year he did better than a top ten. He won his class and came 4th overall. Then a few weeks later he took the overall win at the Abingdon Motorsport Autosolo.

We have to say that if anyone is contemplating buying a Kit Car the GBS Zero is a good car to go for we are still very, very happy with our choice and to have a car that can beat other makes at a much lesser cost than the Caterham’s and Westfield’s, is a big bonus in our eyes.

Ian Harrison and Stuart Harrison

The Zero is a very popular project for Father and Son’s to enjoy together, great way to spend time together and learn and at then end enjoy together like Ian and Staurt have done and continue too. We wish Ian ans Stuart luck in their next up and coming events and look forward to hearing how they get on and we will keep you updated on their progress of how they get on.

We have also had a busy week with test drives and yesterday we had GBS customer Richard Kilduff come and collect his GBS Zero Ford based kit. Richard’s Zero chassis had to be modified slightly to suit his engine choice which was for a Ford 2L Ecoboost  engine which will produce 280bhp. Richards Zero is GT with lowered floor, standard roll bar, front cross braces, black GRP with diffuser and upgrade to sport front wings, ATR Shocks, some factory fittings were installed and also Richard had the new front suspension upgrade with brakes. We look forward to following Richard’s Zero build and seeing it progress. There are lots of other Zero’s all ready in the collections bays that are scheduled for collection over the next few months.

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The competition will run from today until the 31st July, with the winner being announced on 1st August 2018.

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If you have any questions or would like any more details on the GBS Zero range please contact us on 01623 860990 or email us. We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and most Saturdays 10am – 2pm if we are not at a track day or show, please check our event page to see our weekend openings.

Stuart in their Zero at Dimanche Sprint 2018. Stuart in their Zero at Dimanche Sprint 2018. Ian & Stuart enjoy the sprints together and are out most weekends in their Zero!   Ian at Eelmoor Sprint in 2016 in their Zero.Richard Kilduff came to the Factory yesterday, pictured here with Richard collecting his new Zero Kit that will be powered by a 2L Ecoboost Engine.Make sure you grab a copy of this months Track Car Performance Magazine (Volume 1-Issue 7) - The new approved GBS Race Chassis is featured. (Page 11)Visit our GBS Facebook page for the chance to WIN tickets to this years Classic Motor Show at the NEC.

July 12, 2018

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