Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at Donnington Kit Car Show over the weekend. It was a very busy and successful weekend for us. It was so nice to see so many Zero owners over the weekend and great to hear that a lot of you traveled to the show in your Zero’s!

Also a big thank you to Gary Terza and Peter Noble for letting us display their GBS Zero builds on our stand over the weekend which attracted a lot of attention.
Don’t forget we now have the GBS Owners Club Forum for all you Zero owners out there, its great to see that so many of you have already joined. We want it to be a positive place where you can share with other GBS Zero Owners your Zero experiences and passion for cars. Please take a look and we hope you join us and become a member with your GBS Zero!
Please visit our events page to see what other events we will be attending this year.
Gary Terza and Family with his GBS Zero Build on the GBS Stand at Donnington. GBS Stand at Donnington Kit Car Show with Gary Terza & Peter Noble's Zero Builds and the New Mazda based GBS Zero. Busy GBS Stand at Donnington Kit Car Show.
August 28, 2013

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