Last Saturday the GBS Zero was on display at Cadwell Park at the Modified Live Show – From The Street To The Race Track, the track was buzzing all day with some high performance cars on the circuit as well as on display in the paddock. Both the GBS Zero Mazda and Zero Race attracted a lot of attention throughout the day and it was also great that some customers joined us for the day in their GBS Zero’s.

GBS Zero owner Chris Burman from Wales sent us a photograph of his GBS Zero that he has been out enjoying this summer, also a few stunning photographs from Laurence’s  road trip around Europe in his GBS Zero, during the trip France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland were just a few places that were visited. Many of you know Laurence who works in the GBS Workshop and has his own GBS Zero, over the week Laurence cover just under 2000 miles in his Zero and had a fantastic time, and is already keen to plan another road trip soon.

The next event that GBS will be attending will be the CKC National Kit & Performance Car Show at Donington Park which is later this month (Saturday 30th & 31st August) We will have a range of GBS Zeros on display along with a full range of parts and spares including these new GRP Seats that are available in various colour options from our Kit Spares shop.

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The GBS Zero Mazda on display at Modified Live at Cadwell Park. GBS Customer Chris Burman's GBS Zero taken in Wales. Laurence's GBS Zero on its road trip around Europe. Laurence's GBS Zero on its road trip around Europe. Laurence's GBS Zero on its road trip around Europe. New GRP Seats from New Orange GRP Seats from that are available in various colour options.

August 12, 2014

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