About this time last year we sent a GBS Zero Mazda kit over to the USA to our American dealer Brian Ball of BB Motorsports. Paul Barns who lives in Corona California, received his GBS Zero kit from Brian beginning of January. Paul sent us some photos over back in April of his build and earleir this week we received some more. He has has made great progress on his Zero build since and we were pleased to hear it is now on its wheels. Paul has a GBS Zero GT Mazda 1.8, we look forward to seeing more photos of Pauls Zero , and seeing him again next year when he is back in the UK. If you have any photos of your GBS Zero we always like to see them and share with everyone, you can send them to

There is still time to order a GBS Zero kit and collect in January 2015, what a great way to start off the new year! Why not come and see us next Saturday (13th December) at the GBS Factory for drinks & Mince Pies, it will also be a great chance to meet the GBS Team, GBS Customers and see the GBS Factory. We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday, there will be plenty of mince pies.

If you would like to come and visit the GBS Factory and have a test drive with one of the GBS team in the GBS Zero demonstrators then please call us today 01623 860990.

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Paul's GBS Zero Mazda build over in the USA Kit Spares Gift Vouchers now available on line Come and join us on Saturday 13th December for Mince Pies at the GBS Factory.

December 5, 2014

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