This week our GBS Zero Ford Demonstrator is 4 years old…….. Our GBS Zero Ford Demonstrator is a big part of GBS, everyone who has driven it  loves it! There is rarely a weekend when it is at home in the GBS Workshop its either at a show, track day, doing test drives or one of the GBS Team have taken it home for the weekend. Anyone who has visited us over the last 4 years, or attended a track day will have no doubt seen a red bodied Zero with a shiny bonnet and most probably enjoyed a ride out in it!

This week it will be 4 years old. Since it was built in September 2010 it has done over 23,000 miles, within those miles it has done over 30 track days, including the Nurburgring twice, Spa, Goodwood Race Circuit, Donington Park, Blyton Park, Bedford Autodrome, Mallory Park and many others others. Test drives we think it must have done well over 1000 as at the GBS Open days we do over 50 in just the day. Its enjoyed many trips across Europe including Monaco, Greece, Italy for the Moza Grand Prix, France, Germany. It has also been seen at many shows and events across the UK, as well as being featured in several magazines and has been test drove my many people. Last year Autocar magazine took the GBS Demonstrator for a test drive around Blyton Park which was then featured in their magazine alongside other Sports cars and Matt Prior who drove the GBS Zero Ford demonstrator quoted “If I had to pick a car to drive in which to get back home in – including the Caterham – I would have gone for the Zero”Matt Prior, Autocar Magazine Road Test Editor.

It has even saw the Olympic torch, back in 2012 when it passed the GBS Factory en route to The London Olympic Games. Some of its other highlights have been a charity track day at Goodwood Race Circuit with UK Youth,  Photoshoot at RAF Waddington in Lincolshire with a spitfire. The Zero demonstrator has not always had an easy life, as you know Keith, Richard and Ben and the team are all very good and experienced drivers and have certainly put the Zero through it paces.
It has also been used for a lot of testing and development . As you know we produce and manufacture a lot of products in house at GBS, and the GBS Zero demonstrator is always the car that we test them on including the GBS Plenum Chamber, New Exhaust Silencer, Throttle Bodies, ATR Shock Absorbers, body panels, and many more. It also went to Mira in 2011 for  a wind tunnel test using their extensive wind-tunnel and aerodynamic wind tunnel facilities. The Zero did incredibly well for a seven type car, helped by its splitter on the nose cone and diffuser that help enhance the performance.

The GBS Zero Ford Demonstrator is a standard chassis and is fitted with a Ford 2L Zetec engine, Plenum chamber (but has now been running the new ATR Throttle Bodies that will be released for sale shortly) Red GRP, GRP Dash and Smiths gauges, LED Headlights, New black GRP Seats. The next event for the GBS Zero Ford demonstrator is test drives this weekend and then our next track day which is at Blyton Park on Sunday 21st September where the GBS Zero Ford Demonstrator will be attending along with our Zero Mazda demonstrator both doing passenger rides along with our other Zero’s.

There is talk of a new GBS Zero GT demonstrator being put into production soon that will be our new demonstrator, we have lots of photographs of the GBS Zero Ford Demonstrator but these are just a few favourites to share with you.

Im sure many of you have already been out for a test drives with one of the GBS team in our Zero Ford demonstrator, but if you haven’t and would like to have a test drive in one of our demonstrators please get in touch.

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Autocar Magazine testing the GBS Zero Ford Demonstrator at Blyton Park last year. There is always plenty of smiles when people experience a ride out in the GBS Zero. GBS Zero Ford demonstrator with our other Zero's on the Goodwood Race Circuit. The Zero with the Olympic torch, back in 2012 when it passed the GBS Factory en route to The London Olympic Games. Bernd our GBS German dealer and team with the Ford Demonstrator at the Nurburgring. The Zero's photoshoot at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire with a Spitfire. We use it all weathers even in the snow....... Richard & Keith did several laps earlier this year at the Nurburgring..... Look forward to taking it around there again soon! Back in 2011 it was taken to Mira for testing. The first ever photograph published of the GBS Zero Ford demonstrator back in September 2010. Richard & Ben doing some aerial photography of the GBS Zero's earlier this year.

September 4, 2014

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