The GBS Workshop is always busy and often has some very interesting cars in, we offer our workshop services for all cars not just Zero’s. We perform a pre-IVA inspection, complete any required work/alterations, transportation to the IVA test centre in Nottingham as well as all the paperwork that is required before/after the test. We also offer geometry set ups, finishing builds, engine tuning, engine modifications, experienced auto electrician, track day preparation and much more.

A few weeks ago we received a nice email from GBS Customers Bill & Carol Stevenson who have a Westfield sports car which was with us recently for some for an engine change.

Letter of appreciation from Bill & Carol Stevenson to GBS, in particular to Matt for the rebuild of our Westfield together with Richard and Steve for their help, advice and patience.

We originally expected just to buy the engine unit (1.6 Zetec) plus the ancillaries as a replacement for our well-worn crossflow. Steve and Richard advised us on what to have and importantly of what we didn’t need.  The order was readied quickly and we were ready to commence the transplant….that was the plan……

Unfortunately,  work and time conspired against the plan and to even have half a chance to compete in this year’s championships we needed help.  We spoke to Richard about the problem and he said GBS could help.  We considered what Richard had proposed and delivered the now rolling shell of the Westy to GBS.  Richard allocated Matt to the re-build and we talked about what he had done similar to what we needed and our expectations of the project.  We understood that Matt had other jobs to do as well as ours, but the timescales were happily agreed.

2 weeks passed during which Matt kept us up to date as to progress with pictures and bits of video and then all was completed and we went to pick the car up.

Matt has done a brilliant job.  The unit fits beautifully.  The work is clean and neat and where he has had to make modification to the body (new exhaust exit) these are done with sympathy to our requirement…(“it must look right”).  Attention to small details….. covers for the wiper drives that I masked with tape were now encased in IVA compliant caps….a small thing but it shows the standard of care shown by Matt and GBS.

Needless to say were are very happy with our Westy by GBS and would have no reservation in recommending them.  Many thanks all of you.  A great team effort.

See us at Harewood, Aintree, Blyton and Silverstone this year 2018.

We look forward to hearing how Bill & Carol’s car performs and seeing some photos. If you require any workshop services for your sports cars please get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

The GBS Zero range can be seen this weekend (6th & 7th May) at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show along with a full range of parts and spares from Don’t forget we have Plot / Area 29 next to Gate Entrance 2… Reserved parking area for Zero Owners at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show…. We look forward to seeing you all and all the Zero’s parked together.

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If you have any questions or would like any more details on the GBS Zero range please contact us on 01623 860990 or email us. We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and most Saturdays 10am – 2pm if we are not at a track day or show, please check our event page to see our weekend openings.

The GBS Workshop is always busy.The GBS Workshop is always busy.We can be found in Hall 2 at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show with the Zero's... We look forward to seeing you all.Plot / Area 29 next to Gate Entrance 2... Is reserved parking for Zero Owners at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show.Kit Spares can also be found in Hall 2 at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show with a full range of parts & spares.

May 1, 2018

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