GBS Customer Paul “Joe” Maiden is currently building his GBS Zero in the Royal Air Force College Cranwell Motor Club in Lincolnshire.  His wife, Emma, has recently become a Member of the Cranwell Women’s Institute (WI).  It just so happens that the WI nationally are celebrating their Centenary year and are performing a Baton Relay Ceremony with several handovers a day between all WI’s throughout the country. The theme for the Central Lincolnshire branch was unusual modes of transport and Emma thought a GBS Zero would be fantastic to have as the transport to take the baton from Cranwell to Caythorpe, the only problem being Joe’s Zero would not be completed in time!

Earlier this year, Joe and Emma both joined us at our track day at Blyton Park, where Emma enjoyed a passenger ride in our Zero demonstrator.  They mentioned to us the idea of using Joe’s Zero as the unusual mode of transport, as well as the fact that it wouldn’t be ready and asked us if we would be willing to help. We were already committed to another track day, this time at the Nurburgring in Germany, but we were still in a position to offer the use of one of our other GBS Zero Demonstrators for the WI event.

So last Friday (6th June) Laurence had a break from working in the GBS workshop and went over to Cranwell in our GBS Zero Mazda demonstrator.  There he met Emma and all the WI Members and he then drove the Cranwell WI Events Co-ordinator, Mary O’Connor, from College Hall at RAF Cranwell to the next handover point at the village of Caythorpe with the Baton. It was a successful event and the Zero attracted a lot of attention from all the WI members. The ladies did their absolute best to “feed up” Laurence being plied with lots of cups of tea and cakes. GBS are pleased to have helped make it the successful event it was.

Last night we enjoyed an evening track day with the GBS Zero’s at Cadwell Park, thank you to everyone that joined us, hope you all enjoyed it! We will share more photographs from the evening with you next week. Also last week another Zero kit was collected, Paul Torah came to the GBS Factory to collect his GBS Zero Ford starter kit.

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Laurence arrives with the GBS Zero at Cranwell and meets all the WI Members.Cranwell WI with the GBS Zero at the handover of the baton.Now on the way from College Hall at RAF Cranwell to the next handover point at Caythorpe. Laurence enjoyed several cups of tea and cakes (he was very well looked after) All done, now on the way back to the GBS Factory.  Paul Torah with Steve collecting his GBS Zero kit at the GBS Factory last week.More photographs from the Cadwell Park evening track day coming soon.....

June 13, 2014

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