This week saw the start of our new apprentice to join us at the GBS Factory. We are pleased to welcome 16yr old Thomas Slaney to GBS as our new apprentice, Thomas will be based in the GBS engineering department working on our CNC machinery alongside our machinists and designer. Thomas studied at Redford Oaks Academy and after completing his exams last month he has now started as our new apprentice, Thomas will be studying at machining & engineering course at North Notts College 1 day a week from September. Were pleased to have Thomas join us and look forward to seeing him develop his career and position within GBS. Thomas will also be joining us later this month on our track day at Blyton Park, the Blyton Track Day is now full, but there is still a reserve list. We hope you will be joining us, if not at Blyton Park then at Rockingham in September.

It was also nice to earlier this week receive an email link from GBS customer Gerald Stubbs over in France who took part in a Hill Climb in his GBS Zero in the department of the Correze at a place called Saint Bonnet.  Gerald said ” This is the second year I have gone.  It is amateur so not run by the French racing organization so you don’t need a licence or go through a scrutiny, but it is not timed except by people like me who compete with myself and time my individual runs.  It was over two days last weekend.  It is a 1.8 kilometre climb which I was doing in around 1m 30sec, so the car was not hanging around.

The long diff that I have in the car, coupled with the MT75 box is too long for the climb really as I was going up all the way in second.  I did not have the space to change into third.  A shorter arrangement which would allow shifts between second and third would have been better, but as I say the car made quite good times.” Please click here to view the video on YouTube. 

Geralds LHD Zero has now done around 6000 miles, fitted with 2.0ltr Ford Zetec twin cam engine, Throttle Bodies making around 180bhp, 5 Speed, ATR adjustable suspension,  Emerald K6 ECU,  Raceline lowered baffled sump. We look forward to sharing more photos & videos of customer GBS Zero’s with you.

If you would like any more details on the GBS Zero range please contact us on 01623 860990 or email us. We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and most Saturday 10am – 2pm if we are not at a track day or show.

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Thomas Slaney our new apprentice at GBS. Thomas Slaney our new apprentice at GBS. Thomas Slaney our new apprentice at GBS. Thomas Slaney our new apprentice at GBS. Thomas Slaney our new apprentice at GBS. Thomas Slaney our new apprentice at GBS with Richard in the Machine shop programming the CNC machines, Gerald Stubbs GBS Zero that he took part in a Hill Climb in France.

July 7, 2016

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