After many customers requesting us for some time to start a GBS Owners Club we felt the time was right to do so. We are pleased to say we now have a GBS Owners Club forum that we would like to invite all you Zero owners out there to join and become members.
It is a new forum and if you have any suggestions of how we can improve it please do let us know, we want it to be a positive place where you can share with other GBS Owners your Zero experiences and passion for cars. Please take a look and we hope you join us and become a member.

We are also offering any members that join from now until 9th September the chance to WIN a Pair of Tickets to The Kit Car Live at Blyton Park on Saturday 21st September. We have several pairs of tickets to give away so why not visit our GBS facebook page as well for the chance to win.

Earlier today GBS customer Chris Aris popped into see us with his 3 boys who enjoyed their tour of the GBS factory and sit in our GBS demonstrator. Chris is currently building a Mazda based Zero kit and was on holiday at Centre Parcs which is just down the road from the GBS factory, so he thought he would come and say hello.


Experience the Zero on the track at Blyton Park.Chris Aris and his boys visit the GBS Factory.



August 13, 2013

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