You might remember that back in May we mentioned that James Winstanley the Feature Editor for Practical Performance Car Magazine came to see us at the GBS Factory and then took our GBS Zero Mazda demonstrator on a road trip challenge for a few days. We are pleased to report that the trip all went to plan and the Zero performed well doing over 900 miles during the 4 days. James was impressed with how it handled and was overwhelmed with all the attention that the Zero received during the trip. We are not giving too much away about where the Zero went but it was an exciting trip, the feature on the GBS Zero Road trip challenge can be seen in their magazine which is out on the last Thursday of August (28th) Here is just one preview photograph of the Zero Mazda from the trip, can you guess where it is? Were looking forward to seeing the feature and will remind you nearer the time of publication.

Another road trip is also happening next week, Laurence who many of you know who works in the GBS Workshop has his own GBS Zero. Laurence completed his Zero build when he was only 18 and has had it on the road for nearly 3 years now. Laurence is having a week off next week and is going away on a road trip with the SKCC. France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland are just a few of the places that they will be visiting. Last summer Laurence went to the Alps in his GBS Zero for a few days he had a great time and got some stunning photographs of his GBS Zero at different locations. There are also some other GBS Zero owners going on the trip as well as many other sports car owners.

If you have any road  trips planned for over the summer in your GBS Zero’s do let us know and share your photos with us.

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Preview Photograph from the PPC Magazine Secret Road Trip in the GBS Zero Mazda.  James leaving the GBS Factory for the Road Trip in our Zero Mazda demonstrator. Laurence working late last night getting his Zero ready for his road trip next week.


July 10, 2014

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