Saturday was a very busy day at the GBS Factory with Zero Kit collections, test drives and factory tours. Several weeks ago we arranged to have Rolls-Royce Motor club come and visit us at the factory. The Rolls-Royce Motor Club are an MSA affiliated motor club made up of Rolls Royce Plc employees.

GBS Customer Henry Simkin is the secretary for the Rolls-Royce Motor Club has recently completed his GBS Zero Race that we  prepared and put through the IVA for him. Together with Henry we arranged a visit to the GBS Factory there was around 27 people on the tour which were a mix of Rolls-Royce Motor Club members and some of their partners / friends as well as a few other invited Rolls-Royce employees who were interested in the visit.

With Henry having just got his GBS Zero Build completed he wanted to share with others what we do and that was what prompted him to arrange the day. The Rolls-Royce Motor Club has arranged various events in the past such as visiting the Morgan Factory, Bowler Motorsport and now us. They are hoping to go to many other companies for tours in the new year. Their visit to the GBS Factory covered a tour of the GBS Show Room, Workshop, Machine Shop, Manufacturing facilities and our Kit Spares shop, as well as to end the day everyone got to experience the GBS Zero with a test drive in our demonstrators with one of the team. It was also the perfect opportunity for Henry’s first trip out in his GBS Zero Race. Which in total he said he managed to get over 200 miles in the car already over the weekend and said it is So much fun to drive! We would like to thank Henry and everyone from Rolls-Royce who visited the factory and hope it was an enjoyable day.

Also on Saturday while the factory tour was taking place, Will in the Kit Spares department was with  Martin Bailey who was with us to collect his full GBS Zero Ford kit. Martin came with his son David Bailey and friend Eric Savage. Martin and his wife also joined us at Silverstone for the GBS Track Day last month and Martin enjoyed a few laps out on the Grand Prix circuit in the GBS Zero Race with Laurence. We look forward to seeing photos of Martin builds as it progresses, we have already received an email to say he is Cracking on with the build already!’

If you are interested in the GBS Zero range and would like to arrange a factory visit then please contact us. You are always welcome to come and see us, we are open Monday – Friday and most Saturday unless we are at an event or Track Day.  If you would like any more information or to come and visit the GBS Factory and have a test drive with one of the GBS team in the GBS Zero demonstrators, then please get in touch or call us today 01623 860990.

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Henry's GBS Zero Race. Busy GBS Workshop with the Rolls-Royce Motor Club memebers. To end the day, everyone got to experience and enjoy a passenger ride in the GBS Zero demonstrators. Martin Bailey (centre) with son David Bailey and friend Eric Savage collecting his GBS Zero Kit.Martin Bailey enjoyed several passenger laps around Silverstone with Laurence in the GBS Zero Race Car.

November 4, 2015

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