So this weekend we are busy at the GBS Factory as it is our Summer Cars and Coffee event on the Saturday, but this weekend it’s also the Coventry Motofest which is taking place on Saturday and Sunday which also looks like it’s going to be a great event and the Zero can be seen there too!

Brothers Andy & Nick Biddle will be their with their Zero Race car, they will be in the Fueltopia Action Arena, located under the flyover next to Planet Ice. Starting at 10am and finishing at 17:00 each day the arena will be none stop noise. They will be running throughout both days, Saturday being practice and for the first time ever on Sunday we will be against the clock and racing. Knockouts start in the afternoon with the finals happening at around 4:30pm This will all be televised for the Formula G Series and showing on National TV in a few months’ Time.

The Pits are open to the public all day so everyone can get close to the action and great cars on display. So if your going make sure you go and say Hi to them and watch them!

Both Nick and Andy will be sharing the car and racing, with the hope to give the AWD guys a real run for their money! They said “ That the track is small, tight and takes no prisoners. Cars have been written off, engines have died trying to tame this Track. Our GBS has always done us proud and kept on going. But this year with more grip and faster times we are taking no chances and have installed a new electric water pump system to help keep the cars temperatures under control. This system means the speed of the water being pumped around the engine isn’t dictated by engine speed, but managed by the water pump controller, so after each run the pump can continue to circulate water around the system at a higher speed even if the car is idling. It also allows us to manage the cool down of the engine after the car has been shut off.”

You can also follows them on Facebook @givenmotorsport and Instagram @given_motorsport for pictures and video’s throughout the weekend. You can also follow @formulagchampionship for news direct from the race series.

We wish them luck and hope they have a fantastic weekend and look forward to hearing how it goes next week. We are now busy getting everything ready for our Cars & Coffee event this Saturday which is happening 10am – 2pm, we look forward to seeing you all then. The Kit Spares shop is also open on the day 10am – 2pm.

*****GBS SUMMER CARS & COFFEE – Saturday 2nd June – 10am-2pm*****

We are always busy at the GBS Factory, and we like to share with you what is going on both at the factory and behind the scenes. So why not follow us on FacebookTwitter @GBSCars and Instagram and now we are also on Pinterest.

If you have any questions or would like any more details on the GBS Zero range please contact us on 01623 860990 or email us. We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and most Saturdays 10am – 2pm if we are not at a track day or show, please check our event page to see our weekend openings.

See this Zero Race Car at Coventry Motofest this weekend...... We look forward to seeing you all this Saturday at our GBS Summer Cars & Coffee event.... Saturday 2nd June 10am -2pm.The GBS Camera's will be out this Saturday photographing all of the action at our Cars & Coffee event..... Follow us on Instagram @gbs_cars to see more photos of what we are upto! #gbszero

May 31, 2018

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