At Stoneleigh Kit Car show earlier this month you may have noticed a Beach Buggy that was on display on the CKC Magazine stand over the weekend.
GBS customer Ed Morton is the man behind this creation along with the GBS team. Ed who has built a GBS Zero which is complete and on the road, has always wanted to create a Beach Buggy that was based on the MG. Ed told Richard and Keith his ideas and they both agreed it would be possible to create, since then Ed has spent many days with us at the GBS factory working with Richard and Keith and the team to create this buggy.

The buggy named the ‘Morton Minx’ is not yet complete, but will be on display at the GBS Open Day in June (Saturday 21st June). You can follow the progress of the Morton Minx Beach Buggy build in CKC Magazine and if it gets enough interest there will be scope for production of the Buggy! This is just one of many exciting projects that we are doing at GBS!

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The Morton Minx Beach Buggy on display at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2014 The Morton Minx Beach Buggy. The GBS Zero Starter Kit starts from £2,345....

May 13, 2014

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