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The Zero is unique among Seven Type cars in having its engine mounted further back in the chassis giving much better weight distribution and balance to the car.

We currently have specific engine mounts and exhaust systems on the shelf  for the following Zetec, Zetec SE, Duretec, Pinto, Ford Twin cam, CVH, XFlow, Vauxhall Redtop, Mazda, Honda S2000, Volkswagen / Audi.
In addition to these we have done many other types of engines as special instillation’s such as V6, Turbos, Motorcycle engine, Rotary engine. We are always keen to discuss your ideas and how they can be fitted into the Zero.


The chassis typically has a manual transmission all though we have a specific option for auto if required. The most common types are the Ford Type 9 or MT75 along with the Mazda Box and then final drive options are available with either Ford or Mazda in a variety of ratios and LSD or open configurations. (Quick shift option is also available and recommended)


Performance depends upon specific engine choice, but a typical 2 Litre Ford Zetec engine instillation would achieve 0-60mph in around 4.5 Seconds and onto a top speed of around 135mph. The main performance of the Zero is in the corners where it has unbelievable levels of grip and balance in a very controlled and predictable manor giving the driver maximum confidence and enjoyment.

Fuel Consumption:

The Zero fuel tank capacity as standard is 30 litres and then there is the option of having a larger tank on the Zero GT. A specific fuel tank has been developed for the Zero Race, please see race specification for more details.
Typical fuel consumption for a Ford 2 Litre 178bhp Zetec engine is a combined figure of 35mpg.


The Zero has full double wishbone independent suspension front and rear with a wide track giving greater stability and grip.


The Zero uses rack and pinion steering of 2.9 ratio for the road and a track and race option of 2.4 ratio connected to a collapsible steering column from either Ford or Mazda.

Wheels & Tyres:

The choice of wheels & tyres not only enhances the way your car looks but also the drive. The Zero has been designed around a 15″ wheel to optimise handling.
Wheels: 6.5/7J x 15 Aluminium Wheels
Tyres: 195/50/15V Yokohama

We have a few tyre options available depending on the intended use of your car:
Road / Occasional track: Yokohama Parada
Fast Road / Track: Yokohama AD08
Track: Yokohama A048 cut slick


The standard braking system is a non servo assisted single cylinder split system, then using a combination of copper and Goodridge brake lines to standard OEM calipers giving discs all around with a cable handbrake arrangement.
We also have the option of a twin cylinder bias brake set up.

Body / Chassis:

The Zero chassis is a full space frame design utilising both round and square tube depending upon load requirements. All brackets and mounts are attached to the chassis including the roll bar. The chassis has a steel floor as standard for both safety and strength then added to this incredibly strong space frame chassis are the panels, these are bonded on making them a fully stressed skin which doubles the rigidity of the overall structure.
The chassis is available in two options either standard body of GT which gives it an extra 80mm in width, giving more interior space.

Body Panels:

The Zero nose cone, front wings, rear wings, dash and diffuser are all made from high quality glass reinforced plastic with a gel coat finish available in a choice of 9 colours then the rest of the panels are metal in either Aluminium as standard or the option of mirror finished stainless steel.

The GRP colours are Gulf Blue, Oxford Blue, British Racing Green, Kawasaki Green, Yellow, Post Office Red, Orange, Panther Black and White. Having the full car painted in a colour of your choice is also available.


Standard Zero Chassis:
Length: 3350mm
Width: 1720mm
Height: 1100mm
Wheelbase: 2335mm
Seating width: 440mm

Zero GT Chassis:
Length: 3350mm
Width: 1720mm
Height: 1100mm
Wheelbase: 2335mm
Seating width: 485mm


Approximately 500 / 600kg (depending on engine choice and specification)