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After spending two years researching on which seven type kit car to purchase, and having various discussions with the GBS team. I opted to go for the GBS Zero ford base kit. The reason why I went for GBS was after the various discussions and visits to the factory, I was impressed on how friendly the team where and the amount of parts they manufactured in house.

On the May bank holiday 2015 I decided to attend the Stoneleigh kit car show and placed my deposit on the kit. On the 17th of September 2015 my father and I picked the kit up. But in a year we managed to turn a van load of parts in to a drivable car and there was smiles all round.  I am writing this with 85% of the build complete. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of the build and can’t fault GBS enough for their help and support, even with some issues on the way. But I can honestly say they have been resolved as quickly as possible.  So to anyone that is thinking of building a seven style kit car I would say go for it, you won’t regret it.

Andrew Glover – Chelmsford, Essex – Age 22.

Thank you for your attention and patience not to mention amount of time we consumed! It was again a great experience. Must say it gave me a great feeling and confidence boost with the conversations with yourself and Simon. The whole feeling of commitment knowledge and enthusiasm left me in no doubt that GBS was the right choice. Really looking forward to the whole experience.
Martin Bailey – North Yorkshire.

Dear GBS,
Having recently finished my build of GBSC Zero Sports Car. I made many visits to the factory and stores for advice and spares. I have to say that on every visit I was made very welcome and was given the best of service. I was treated very well by the management and staff. I enjoyed every minute of the build and being 75 years old it was not a problem for me. Thank you for all your help.
Mr Mick Ingham, Gainsborough. GBS Zero Mazda Build. 2016. 

I ordered my Zero GT in Ford spec at the end of September 2012. My plan was to buy in 3 separate stages as money came available. 1st was the kit plus running gear, engine, gearbox, wiring loom and a few other bits. 2nd stage would be wheels, seats, carpet, throttle bodies, ecu, clocks. and finally the last stage would be all the last bits to finish the build. GBS helped with all the planning for the build and where more than happy to supply all the bits in stages to help with the purchase. Having spent some time at different Kit Car shows deciding  which kit to build and which manufacture to use, GBS stood out as one of the most enthusiastic, helpful, and quality of kit for my budget.The Kit would be built from new parts so when complete it can be registered as a new car (plan to have a 63 plate).My kit was ready to pick up at the end of November, 9 weeks from ordering. A busy time on the run up to Christmas so not a lot was done on the build until after the festive season. In this time I did plenty of internet searching for build blogs to get an idea of where to start, then in January the build started in earnest.
The build was fairly straight forward, and GBS where always on the end of the phone, and in my case as they where only 20 minutes away, dropping in to see factory builds and to take photos was also an option. At busy times at GBS emailing was another option and always got a reply within a day or two.
The build was finished in October 2013 and registered 1st week in November 2013. completing in under a year and approx. 300 hours. Now enjoying the last dry weather of the year taking family and friends for rides and seeing the enjoyment on their faces… and mine !Many thanks to all at GBS for their help and inspiration. For all those considering building a Kit Car, just do it ! the feeling of building your own car from box’s of bit to driving it is unbelievable.
For my build diary look at www.albenwood.blogspot.co.uk
Bill Rees,  Nottinghamshire.
My Zero is nearly on the road now – begun in March 2012 with an idea for a new project.
The build has been a really great experience in terms of learning how to build the car – its the largest project I have attempted and the result – a car which got through the majority of the IVA standard first time, and comfortably made the 177mile trip from Maidstone to GBS today without problems.
My day job is sitting behind a desk 9-5 in an office, my auto experience prior to starting consisted basic car maintenance & understanding of mechanics, i.e. I’ve changed oil before & know one end of a spanner from the other. I hadn’t done any metalwork or GRP work before this project but worked through each step trying not to rush. At the early stages there are always different parts which can be progressed so you never lose interest or get frustrated by a particular job – i.e. I could move from a little assembly on suspension to some metalwork, or wiring as the mood took me.
I was originally looking for essentially a ‘bolt together’ kit – didn’t want to get into welding but happy with basic adjustment & minor modification to fit components together. My build was completed in a single garage with basic tools in 12 months using most evenings in the summer for small jobs & at least half a day each weekend. The process of learning each build step from GBS or people that had been through the process before, identifying options and then applying those steps to my build was very rewarding.
Phone support from GBS, Richard, Ruth, Simon, the online RHOCar forum & various blogs from other builders all helped.
I have a page on the blog which outlines my decision process  when selecting a kit:
I wrote that in April 2012 & a year later after a successful drive across the country I think I made the right decision – the Kit is now a car!
Final hurdle now to get the car through IVA Emissions!
Overall very happy & can’t wait to get back into building parts – windscreen, immobiliser, doors… I’m sure I’ll find some more to tinker with!
Thank you.
Richard Lincoln, Kent

During the Summer of 2011 I decided it would be a good thing to build my own kit car.  But which one?  So after a few weeks of looking through magazines and seeing what would be possible for the mythical budget I had allocated I had 2 in mind , a Road Runner SR2 and the Zero from GBS.  The Zero seemed to suit my needs better than the SR2 since I had dreams of  touring around Europe as well as tracks days and ‘going down the shops’.

In September I paid a visit to the GBS factory since they were just 30 minutes away from me and met Richard and Keith who spent quite  a while just talking to me about what I might want to do and the myriad  ways I could do it and showed me around the workshop.    Just sitting in the showroom chassis everything felt right and after a 10 minute test drive with Keith I was hooked.  At no time did I feel I was being sold anything.  But I did come away with a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do and a few misconceptions corrected.
So a couple of weeks later I was back at GBS placing my chassis order with a couple of specific requirements about powered coating which were accommodated no problem.  In November I picked up the kit with its shiny yellow and black chassis.  As part of that visit I occupied quite a bit of their time yet again looking at various stages of build in the workshop.  Something which GBS accommodated many times during my build and never made me feel I was getting in the way, in fact the very opposite.  Everyone at GBS was keen to help me work through the ideas I had and show me how things are intended to fit together.  Something for which I am very grateful.
One of the things I wanted to do was have all the internal surfaces of the panels powder coated, GBS were again very helpful in getting my prepared panels to the and from the powder coater and running tests on assembled test pieces to see how the ‘black glue’ would react to being baked.
As this was the first kit car I had ever built my only perception of quality was from the experiences of others in the magazines, many of which implied the need to modify this and modify that to make it all fit together.  The Zero came together like a dream.
I think I can honestly say that the willingness to assist with as much information I needed to complete my build made the whole process as enjoyable and painless as it could be.
I also used GBS to get the car through the IVA and registered, yet again they proved their willingness to help when I had to go abroad to work and they took my car into the workshop earlier than expected to make sure it was on the road for when I got back.
So I’ve been the happy builder, owner and driver of a GBS Zero since September 2012.
Ian Kirkup, Sheffield


To all at Great British Sportscars,
 I write to share with you my joy and excitement of completing my first drive in my Zero kit car, even the rain could not dampen the initial part of the drive home, when the sun came out it exceeded all my requirements for why I wanted to build my own sports car.

As this was my first venture in the building / assembly of a kit car, the help, support and guidance provided from all GBS staff has been first class and please pass on my gratitude to everyone.
 From the initial discussions regarding type of kit, right through to delivering back to the factory for inspection prior to the dreaded IVA (which was nowhere near as bad as you imagine, if you follow the advice given) I have been treated as a valued customer and not just another sale.
The unrestricted access to the workshop, the interest shown on my particular build and the knowledge freely given by all the engineers whether mechanical or electrical prevented any feeling of isolation whilst carrying out the build single handed.
 For my part I had set aside Sundays only for the build and managed the entire build in just 13 months, like most new adventures some days were less progressive than others but a quick phone call to seek clarification soon had progress back on track.
I wish I had had the conviction to build one earlier as the whole adventure has been worthwhile. 
Once again please accept my thanks, I look forward to meeting up soon and wish you continued success with all existing and future clients.
 Great job GBS.

Dave Martin

I have been dealing with Great British Sports Cars since I bought my Zero kit in 2010. I have always found the guys and girls up there to be friendly, helpfull and always willing to spare the time to give help and advise no matter how busy they were.
I now have my car on the road, thanks to GBS who put it through the IVA, and I would have no hesitation in recommending GBS to anyone thinking of building a Seven type car. The Zero is a superb car, which I built in a normal garage with just a basic set of tools. It is my first kit car and the only experience I had was in normal car maintenance, so if you are thinking about building a kit car, go and see the guys at GBS – you’ll enjoy it.”
Bob Howatson, Birmingham

I bought my Zero Wide Body kit from GBS back in July with no knowledge in mechanics, over the time I have been dealing with GBS I have learnt everything about building a car and now have an almost complete car in the garage to prove it. Everyone at GBS has a passion for what they do and the support and back up has been superb, it doesn’t matter what day of the week or time you turn up at the factory you are always made to feel welcome.
Matt Savage, Lincolnshire

I spent a lot of time looking at various different kits and kit manufacturers, whilst everyone wanted to sell me their kit, I worried about the after sales service and support that I would receive once I commenced the build with these manufacturers, as not many manufacturers displayed the level of after sales, spares (including new, used and reconditioned) and support that GBS was offering.  GBS had a very organised approach to the project as a whole, not only did they supply my kit, they demonstrated an excellent understanding of the full build progress, from initial design enquiry right the way through to getting the vehicle on the road.  The build of my kit has been quite straight forward, even though my package has been Taylor made to suit that of a motorcycle engine project, of which GBS accommodated my requirements very well.  The build offers the builder a variety of rewards of learning as well as getting out meeting other like minded members who are currently building or those who have built, all of whom have their own friendly advice and support to offer new members.  I am extremely pleased with the level of help and support that GBS have offered me throughout the full project and would recommend them highly to anyone thinking of a new build project.
Steve Parker, Lincolnshire.

Having taken the decision to finally build a “sevenesque” kit car I researched all of the major manufacturers.  Visiting manufacturing facilities, embarking on test drives and discussing potential costs with each in turn.  I visited GBS and found the team enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate.  The Zero was unbelievable value considering the quality and workmanship combined with a very impressive test drive by Keith Bird.  The decision was taken and the order placed, the service didn’t stop there and thanks to the efforts and support of GBS I am now the proud owner of a fully built and roadworthy Zero.  GBS continue to offer value add by attending track days and sprints, always keen to invite owners along to enjoy the car where it is at it’s best.  Thank you GBS for a true customer focussed experience, not just when taking money but when enjoying the final result.
John Spencer, Melton Mowbray. 

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