We would just like to say a big  thank you to everyone that joined us on Saturday at our Open Day at the GBS factory , it was a fantastic day with well over 100 people attending throughout the day and we hope you all enjoyed it! At the open day people were able to view the GBS & Kit Spares showroom, GBS workshop, machine shop including our new milling machine and ATR clean room , and the Kit Spares shop. The GBS Zero demonstrators also had a very busy day doing non-stop test drives throughout the day, there were plenty of smiles after the test drives!!
It was also great to see so many Zero’s in the Car Park, we think it’s the most we have ever had!  It was nice to see a few Zero owners got together and went for a run out after the open day in their cars, visit the GBS Owners Club to see what other runs are happening in the GBS Zero’s.

We also had on display something  a little different to the GBS Zero…… We had a horse drawn carriage from  Bennington Carriages, who is Britain’s foremost horse drawn carriage manufacturer that are also based in Nottinghamshire. In partnership with Bennington carriages GBS and ATR Products has developed a form of suspension to enable a better ride quality, and to give a more competitive race pace, the dampers were the first change, but the partnership has since grown rapidly with the development of the suspension, and continues with the development of the shock absorbers testing to continually improve the race pace. We would like to thank Bennington Carriages for allowing us to have the carriage on display through the day.

It was a very successful and busy day for us and we apologise if we did not get chance to talk to you all. If you are unable to join us on Saturday, then you are always welcome to come and see us at GBS another time. Our show room is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and most Saturdays unless we are at a show/event or Track Day.
You will be able to see more photographs from the day on our GBS Facebook page soon.

Thanks again to you all for your support, we look forward to seeing you all soon.
The GBS Team

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GBS Workshop was busy throughout the day.Busy GBS car park full of Zero's and other sports cars.Our new milling machine in the Machine Shop at GBS Laurence had a very busy day doing test drives in the GBS Zero demonstrator. Bennington Carriage on display at the GBS Open day fitted with ATR Shock Absorbers.

June 24, 2014

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