Last weekend our GBS demonstrator went on holiday to spend a few weeks over in Germany with our GBS German Dealer Bernd Backes. Bernd and his team came to GBS factory on Saturday to collect the demonstrator which they are going to be taking around the Nürburgring.

Also at the weekend GBS Customer Nick Love came to collect his Zero that we prepared and put through the IVA test, as well as Ian Wills and his son who came to collect their GBS Zero Ford kit. We are pleased to see that GBS Customer Stuart Montgomery is now enjoying his GBS Zero on the road that we prepared and put through the IVA test for him a few weeks ago.
GBS customer Spencer Griffiths recently celebrated his 40th Birthday with a surprise birthday cake from his wife, Spencer’s real thing is in the garage getting closer to looking like the cake!

Places are filling up on the GBS Track Day at Bedford….Saturday 27th July for more details please visit

Nick Love collecting his GBS Zero that passed IVAStuart Montgomery in his newly registered GBS ZeroIan Wells collecting his GBS Zero KitSpencer Griffiths Birthday Cake

July 9, 2013

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