On Saturday the TVR owners club came to visit us at the GBS Factory. They first met us on the GBS stand at The Classic Motor Show at the NEC last November and were talking to Richard who then invited them to come and see us at the GBS Factory to see what we do, so last Saturday they did! 8 members from the TVR Owners Club enjoyed a tour around the GBS Factory including a visit to our manufacturing site where the Zero chassis and many other components are produced, they were very impressed with how much we manufacturer and design in house and all the machinery and equipment as well as all the parts and spares that we have available from

Also on Saturday Mark Appleton and his wife Annette came to collect their GBS Zero. Mark’s Zero passed its IVA test last week and is now just waiting for the registration documents to be processed by the DVLA, then he can enjoy it on the road and hopefully be joining us on our next GBS track day at Cadwell Park in June.

Last week was a busy week with Zero kits being collected and delivered. On Tuesday Steve went out to Worksop in Nottingham to deliver a GBS Zero Mazda kit to Bob Oldham who has his Mazda MX5 sat in the garage all ready to begin his Zero build, then later in the week Stewart Nicholls came to collect his GBS Zero Ford Kit and Charles Graney also collected his Zero Ford based kit from the GBS Factory. We also received a photo from Neil Brindley of his GBS Zero, we always like to see and share photographs of your GBS Zero’s so please send them to us

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TVR 's with the GBS Zero Mazda at the GBS Factory. The TVR owners club members with Richard and the GBS Zero Mazda. Mark and Annette Appleton in their GBS Zero. Bob Oldham with his GBS Zero Mazda chassis that we delivered to him.Stewart Nicholls collecting his GBS Zero kit from the GBS Factory last week. Charles Graney with Steve when he collected his GBS Zero kit last week.  Neil Brindley sent a photo of his GBS Zero, looking good!

May 20, 2014

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