Loughborough University student Luke Williams is spending 2 weeks with us at the GBS Factory on work experience, before he goes back to university where he will be going into his 2nd year of studying Product Design & Technology (BSC Hons) Luke has a strong interest in Motorsport and engineering and came to the GBS Open Day and has also joined us on our last track day where he asked if we had any opportunities for work experience at the GBS Factory. We like to offer work experience opportunities whenever possible, as the next generation of car builders are the future to the British motor industry.

Whilst Luke is with us he will be busy in our machine shop working alongside the GBS team, learning how the CNC lathe and Milling machines operate and will be assisting in building components. Then Next week Luke will be in the GBS workshop with the GBS workshop team learning all about the cars and the mechanics. Then to end his 2 weeks with us,  we hope that Luke will be joining us at Blyton Park for the GBS Track Day that is on Sunday 21st September. The track day is now fully booked, but you are still welcome to come and join us and enjoy some passenger laps in the GBS Zero with the GBS team. Please visit our events page for more details.

This weekend looks to be another busy one at the GBS Factory, with test drives booked and GBS Customer Robert Hill will be collecting his GBS Ford Zero kit from the GBS Factory. The GBS Zero chassis comes with the option of powder coating which we always recommend as this protects the chassis and looks a lot nicer than just the bare chassis. Usually the chassis’s are powder coated black as standard along with the wishbones, but Robert ask if we could powder coat his Zero chassis orange. Which we did…. and yesterday it arrived back from powder coating and looks stunning sat in the kit collection bay at GBS. Back in 2011 we went and spent the day at our powder coaters and followed the whole process of how a Zero Chassis gets powder coated, it was really interesting and great to see what was actually involved in the process of powder coating a Zero chassis.

Its also been a busy week for Richard and James as they have both been away for the last few days on a training course with Edgecam, this is the second course that they have been on and it has really helped them to develop their skills even further.  We are very pleased to be in partnership with  Edgecam who are supporting us with cam software, they are the market leading CAM software solution for NC Part programming. Our machine shop has been very busy and is even busier now producing new and existing components, with all of this training it will know help us to develop our skills even further.

If you would like more details on the GBS Zero range or to arrange a test drive and Factory visit please contact us.
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Loughborough University student Luke Williams on work experience at the GBS Factory. Loughborough University student Luke Williams on work experience at the GBS Factory. GBS customer Robert Hill will be collecting his orange GBS Zero chassis and kit this weekend. A GBS Zero chassis going through the powder coat process. A GBS Zero chassis going the through the powder coat process. A GBS Zero chassis going the through the powder coat process.

September 11, 2014

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