We are pleased to have recently delivered another GBS Zero kit to Aston University Engineering Academy in Birmingham. After several emails and a visit to the GBS Factory from the lecturers at Aston University they then placed their order for their GBS Zero Ford kit. We also attended a open evening at the University where we had a GBS Zero kit on display for parents & students to view. The University now has their Zero kit as we delivered it around 2 weeks ago, we now look forward to receiving photos of the Zero build as it progresses, and welcoming the students to Great British Sports Cars for a tour of our facilities.

We have supplied a large number of educational facilities from Schools, Colleges to Universities all over the world. We have found that building your own car from scratch is a popular choice and an ideal method to teach your students. It’s also a great opportunity for the students to gain practical experience and develop their knowledge and understanding of engineering in a practical application. As well as being an exciting and captivating project for everyone involved, it maintains interest and enthusiasm all the way through with a real sense of achievement as each stage is completed with the end result not only being an enjoyable sports car but a worthwhile asset.

We welcome any enquiry you may have about the Zero kit build and as a company we are willing to help and assist you through your build as the next generation of car builders are the future to the British motor industry. Please take a look at our Great British Sports Cars Educational Brochure for more details of what we can offer.

WINNER ANNOUNCED…. Big THANK YOU to all for taking the time to take part in our online GBS survey that we created which had a great response. The results and feedback that we got was very helpful and we can take that and develop and improve Great British Sports Cars. The lucky WINNER for the GBS Hoodie & Cap was Mr Gary Wood. Thank you to you all for your time and feedback.

If you have any questions or would like any more details on the GBS Zero range please contact us on 01623 860990 or email us. We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm and most Saturday 10am – 2pm if we are not at a track day or show.

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Aston University Engineering Academy to build a GBS Zero kit. Aston University Engineering Academy to build a GBS Zero kit.Aston University Engineering Academy to build a GBS Zero kit.

October 4, 2016

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