GBS customer Mike Spalding has got a GBS Zero and completed his build in July 2012, many of you may have already met or seen Mike at some of the GBS track days. Mike’s son Douglas also enjoyed helping Mike with his Zero Build and loves a passenger ride out in the Zero whenever he gets the chance! Douglas and his friends have also joined us on many track days and often enjoyed camping over at the track day circuits.

Douglas is a big Motorsport fan and is keen to have a career in Motorsport and engineering. Mike thought a great way for Douglas to learn more about cars and engineering would be to build his very own kit car, something which Douglas had often mentioned that he would love to do and then race and enjoy on the track when he has completed it and is old enough!

Mike spoke with Keith, Richard and Ben on many occasions about possibly ordering another GBS Zero kit for his son to build with him. At the beginning of April Mike came and placed an order for a GBS Zero Race Kit that was going to be a surprise birthday present for Douglas’s birthday (which was last Saturday). So last Thursday Mike came to the GBS Factory and collected the Zero Race Starter Kit that was all ready for him. With it being a complete surprise for Douglas it was hidden out of the way on Mikes trailer in his spare workshop, then on Saturday morning Mike was up early and parked it outside the house waiting for Douglas to look out the window and there would be his Zero Race Kit with Balloons, all ready and waiting for him……. He was over the moon with his present and has already started to prepare the panels, we look forward to regular updates of how the build is progressing. We will see Mike at the GBS Open Day in his GBS Zero later this month.

Everyone had a great time earlier this week at the track day at the Nurburgring in the GBS Zero’s, we will be sharing more photographs with you next week.

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Mike collecting Douglas's GBS Zero Race kit with Steve at the GBS Factory last week.Douglas is very happy with his present...... Happy 14th BirthdayMike and Douglas at Blyton Park earlier this year at the GBS Track Day. Mike in his GBS Zero last year. Keith & Richard at the Ring.....We will share more photographs of the Zero's at the Nurburgring next week.

June 5, 2014

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