Earlier this year GBS Customer Chris Mitchell’s Zero build was featured on the blog, and it looks like his build is still progressing nicely and also nice to hear of a special little arrival! After visiting our stand at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show earlier this year Chris ordered a MT75 Gearbox which he received several weeks ago and has now fitted it to a new 2.0l Zetec engine. Chris said “Everything went smoothly but I had to use my 9 month pregnant wife for a bit of help (just checking clearances and nothing too heavy!!).  Anyway, after 5 hours of trial and error, it was finally bolted into place and I took the weight off the engine crane for the first time.  Everything went well and really happy with the result.” 

All that Chris has left now is the cooling system, exhaust and ECU……. And the amazing news that followed this, is that less than 24 hours after fitting the engine and gearbox, Chris became the proud dad to Baby Oliver.  Chris said that “Mum and baby are well and on day 5 he had his first lay in daddy’s GBS Zero”. We would like to send our congratulations and best wishes to Chris and his wife and look forward to seeing baby Oliver, from all the GBS Team.

It is also great to see that GBS Customer Mark Cassidy’s Zero build recently passed its IVA test, Mark sent us a photo of him with his Zero and his newly issued IVA pass certificate. We look forward to seeing more photos of Mark out and about enjoying his Zero. We also recently sent a GBS Zero kit to our dealers over in Sweden, which should be arriving with them anytime.

It is good to hear that several of you are planning on joining us on our next GBS Track Day and some have already booked to join us at Blyton Park on Saturday 7th October, for more details and to book your place please visit our events page on our website. The next event now for the GBS team is Goodwood Revival 8th-10th September.

Remember you are always welcome to come and see us at the GBS Factory anytime. If you would like more details on the GBS Zero or to arrange a test drive and Factory visit please contact us on 01623 860990, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Chris Mitchell’s Zero build and special little arrival - Baby Oliver. Chris Mitchell’s Zero build and special little arrival - Baby Oliver. Chris Mitchell’s Zero build & special little arrival - Baby Oliver. Chris Mitchell’s Zero build & special little arrival - Baby Oliver enjoying his first Zero experience! Chris Mitchell’s Zero build & special little arrival - Baby Oliver's new little outfit! Mark Cassidy's Zero going through the IVA test. Mark Cassidy with his Zero & newly issued IVA pass certificate.This Zero kit was recently collected & will arrive in Sweden anytime!Cars & Coffee at GBS.... Saturday 23rd September.... Looks like it is going to be busy, there will be plenty of cakes!


August 3, 2017

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